Monday, December 12, 2011

Statesman's End

Sadly, I haven't been in the office as much as I'd like in the past week. But, finals are finals and their finality is unflinching.

I've learned a lot from this internship and I'm sad to see it go. Everybody's been more than welcome to accommodate and the editors, reporters, and photographers have been infinitely patient with me as I dove in out of the kiddie pool. Sure, I've worked at other news outlets, but The Statesman's different.

If I had any regret, it would be the lack of sports stories. I worked primarily in Metro, but my desk was in the sports den. Hopefully none of them resented me for it; I think they're probably too good-natured for that. Put simply: Metro was something that I wanted more. Andy was helpful in the eval process, but pointed out that I never got an A1 story. I thought of some good ideas, but didn't have the time in the last few weeks to flesh it out. I talked to Andy about my personal introversion; her response: 80% of the writers in the newsroom are introverts. Get over it. That was good advice, and I'll follow that in the future.

The Statesman may not be out of the picture, however. Drew offered me an editorial assistant job, which I'm thinking about. I've got a pretty full schedule next semester and I'm trying to graduate before I'm buried up to debt in my eyeballs. Either way, I shouldn't be complaining. The Statesman internship provided me with a lot of connections and it was the most worth-while one yet. I'm grateful for all I've been lucky enough to be apart.